Sunseeker boats for sale in Spain

Boat Sales Spain are delighted to be able to offer Sunseeker boats for sale in Spain.

In the four decades that Sunseeker has been building boats it has evolved from a brand into an icon. To possess a Sunseeker boat has become an aspiration for many, to some an obsession. To own a Sunseeker boat is to buy into a style and to make the ultimate lifestyle choice.

Sunseeker yachts are renowned as much for their levels of luxury as for their legendary flair and performance. But the essence of craftsmanship in the modern technological world goes beyond the working of the artisan's hands and the accuracy of his eye. The naval architect can be a craftsman with his computer to produce imaginative and original designs and specifications based on innovative new materials; similarly the interior designer with his sourcing of new textures, fittings and furnishings. And of course the artisans themselves, who form and polish the woods, metals, glass and composites that produce the stunning work of art that is a Sunseeker.

Sunseeker have craftsmen in every department, men and women who, over decades of pioneering and innovation, have taken great pride in their work and the reputation that it has gained all over the world. This has been no accident; Sunseeker's commitment to excellence of product has always been mirrored by its policy of attracting and recruiting the most talented marine staff at all levels. You probably could build a boat without the traditional principles and standards of craftsmanship – but it wouldn't be a Sunseeker.

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Their range of boats include:

Sunseeker 105 Yacht, Sunseeker 110 Yacht, Sunseeker 120 Yacht, Sunseeker 125 Yacht, Sunseeker 135 Yacht, Sunseeker 140 Yacht, Sunseeker 30M Yacht, Sunseeker 34M Yacht, Sunseeker 35M Yacht, Sunseeker 36.5M Yacht, Sunseeker 37M Yacht, Sunseeker 46M Yacht, Sunseeker 75 Yacht, Sunseeker 82 Yacht, Sunseeker 86 Yacht, Sunseeker 90 Yacht, Sunseeker 94 Yacht, Sunseeker Camargue 44, Sunseeker Camargue, Sunseeker Manhattan 50 (4)Sunseeker Manhattan 52, Sunseeker Manhattan 56, Sunseeker Manhattan 60, Sunseeker Manhattan 64, Sunseeker Manhattan 66, Sunseeker Manhattan 70, Sunseeker Manhattan 74, Sunseeker Manhattan 84, Sunseeker Portofino 35, Sunseeker Portofino 46, Sunseeker Portofino 47, Sunseeker Portofino 53, Sunseeker Predator 108, Sunseeker Predator 130, Sunseeker Predator 52, Sunseeker Predator 55, Sunseeker Predator 56, Sunseeker Predator 60, Sunseeker Predator 61, Sunseeker Predator 62, Sunseeker Predator 64, Predator 68, Sunseeker Predator 72, Sunseeker Predator 74, Sunseeker Predator 75, Sunseeker Predator 80, Sunseeker Predator 82, Sunseeker Predator 84, Sunseeker Predator 92 Sport, Sunseeker Predator 95, Sunseeker Predator 95/100, Sunseeker Sportfisher 37, Sunseeker St Tropez 37, Sunseeker Superhawk 34, Sunseeker Superhawk 34/40, Sunseeker Superhawk 40, Sunseeker Superhawk 43, Sunseeker Superhawk 48, Sunseeker Superhawk 48/50, Sunseeker Superhawk 50, Sunseeker XS Sport, Sunseeker XS2000.

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