Sealine boats for sale in Spain

Boat Sales Spain are delighted to be able to offer Sealine boats for sale in Spain.

As a world renowned luxury Yacht manufacturer, Sealine combine the best examples of British design and craftsmanship with industry leading innovations to produce boats for adventure and relaxation, without sacrificing style.

From entry level sports cruisers to luxury yachts, only the most natural and comfortable materials are selected to create a warm and welcoming ambience aboard.

They are celebrated for their exquisite yet functional use of space in every luxury yacht, making even modest models feel like a much larger vessel.

Every luxury yacht is unique, being built to its individual specification, with every last detail being scrutinised by Sealine's in-house team of over 600 specialist craftsmen. Expert upholsterers, naval architects, specialist joiners, fitters & engineers work to ensure each luxury yacht is completed with precision to the highest standard.

Investing in research and development, Sealine are proud to offer many industry leading innovations in the design of their luxury yachts, to ensure your boat meets your specific requirements.

Sealine continuously invest in researching innovative designs for their luxury yachts, to ensure that their boats provide the ultimate yachting experience.

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Their range of boats include:

Sealine 420 Statesman, Sealine F42/5, Sealine S25, Sealine 215 Envoy, Sealine S38, Sealine 260, Sealine Sc29, Sealine 310 Statesman, Sealine 360 Ambassador, Sealine F36, Sealine S23, Sealine 210, Sealine S34, Sealine 240 Senator, Sealine S43, Sealine 305 Statesman, Sealine 330 Statesman, Sealine F33, Sealine F43, Sealine S28, Sealine 22, Sealine S41, Sealine 285, Sealine T46, Sealine 328 Sovereign, Sealine 360 Statesman, Sealine F37, Sealine S24, Sealine 215, Sealine S37, Sealine 255, Sealine S48, Sealine 310 Ambassador, Sealine 360, Sealine F34, Sealine F44, Sealine S29, Sealine 240, Sealine S42, Sealine 285 Ambassador, Sealine T47, Sealine 330, Sealine T51, Sealine T52, Sealine T60