Princess boats for sale in Spain

Boat Sales Spain are delighted to be able to offer Princess boats for sale in Spain.

See how the Princess range has developed over the years. Starting from the first boat, the Project 31, built in 1965 by the then Marine Projects, through to the current models from the hugely popular Princess Range, built by the now Princess Yachts International PLC.

Everything you find on a Princess is marked by a desire to achieve perfection. From materials to interior design, the latest technology is brought to life by precision engineering and by craftsmanship in its purest form. The goal is simple – quality, innovation and customer care without equal.

Boat Sales Spain are always looking for quality Princess boats for sale in Spain, so if you have one to sell, why not allow us to show you why we are the most pro-active yacht broker in Spain - And if you are looking for a Princess boat for sale in Spain, why not check out our listing of Princess boats for sale.

Their range of boats include:

Princess 40, Princess 420, Princess 48, Princess 23 M, Princess 55, Princess 286, Princess Riviera, Princess 33 Mk, Princess V48, Princess 38, Princess 415, Princess 45, Princess 21m, Princess 500, Princess 266, Princess 61, Princess 32, Princess V40, Princess 360, Princess V58, Princess 41, Princess 435, Princess 480, Princess 23m, Princess 56, Princess 286 Riviera, Princess Riviera 286, Princess 330, Princess V50, Princess 388, Princess 42, Princess 460, Princess 22m, Princess 52, Princess 266 Riviera, Princess 65, Princess 33, Princess V42, Princess 37, Princess V65, Princess 410, Princess 440, Princess 50, Princess 25, Princess 58, Princess 30 Ds, Princess Riviera 36, Princess 35, Princess V52.

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