After taking delivery of your boat and determined in which Port it is going to be moored, a further consideration is the day to day attention the boat should be given, if for example you are based outside of Spain.

In this situation your visits to the boat may well be infrequent and for peace of mind you need to know that the boat is being cared for and that regular functions are being attended to in your absence.

Moreover, when you do arrive and want to use the vessel, it should be found in a clean condition and in good working order. The term used to cover such a service is Gardiennage, and this is another service provided by Boat Sales Spain to make your life easier and worry free.

Our Services

Boat Sales Spain has contacts with many reputable companies and engineers in most ports and can advise you on the level of service best suited to your boat and your needs.

For example, attention to mooring lines, particularly during bad weather is a must and has to be a fundamental element of the package you select. The frequency of cleaning, the extent of cleaning, both internal and external, need to be considered. Electronics, navigation instruments, and engines need to be run along with other mechanical devices at frequent intervals.

Should the boat not be used for an extended periods of time, it might be beneficial if it is taken off its mooring and given an hours run at sea, subject of course to the persons taking the boat out being suitably qualified with insurance cover in place.

Why us?

The selection of the right Gardiennage package, the level of service required and the cost and payment terms are important, but equally so is the reporting line back to you, the owner.

You not only need to feel comfortable with the attention your boat is receiving, but also need to be assured that any problems arising will be the subject of advice and assistance prior to any work being carried out and that, except in situations of emergency, no action will be taken without your approval.

All very obvious and simple but made even more so with the assistance available to you through Boat Sales Spain and our professional staff.

Please contact us for further information on how we can best meet your needs.