Do you have a boat for sale in Spain or in Gibraltar?

If you have a boat for sale in Spain, or a boat for sale in Gibraltar, why not give us a chance to demonstrate why we are the favoured yacht broker of choice by many boat owners who have used our service or have a boat for sale on the Costa del Sol and Gibraltar..

Therefore, if you thinking of placing your boat up for sale, why not check out the difference between us and other yacht brokers..

So, what makes us different?

Simple. We are more proactive. We will visit the boat and make recommendations on how best to present the boat for sale. We will advise what work might need to be done to ensure it looks the very best to get the highest value, and if you don’t have the time, can arrange for the necessary improvements to be done on your behalf.

Secondly, our in house IT experts work tirelessly to ensure that our web site is constantly on the first page of Google with over 600 various search terms, meaning your boat will get more exposure than most other brokers can only dream of.

Thirdly, we send out newsletter emails to our database of over 90,000 boat owners on a regular basis.

Fourthly, we don't just use one boating web portal to advertise your boat, we use 4. Not only that, we also take advertising space in a number of European boating magazines.

And finally, we are an independent yacht brokerage. We are not faceless individuals working for a corporate group waiting at the end of a phone for buyers to call, or waiting for buyers to walk through our door. We are constantly out at the various ports noting the value of boats for sale by others and making face to face contact with other boat owners and meeting sellers and buyers alike.

Isn't this wnat other brokers do?

No.Many yacht brokers take on a boat and list it in their traditional way. Firstly they make up a window card, list the boat on their own poorly search engine optimnised web site, might advertise it in the local papers or on specialised web sites, but then sitt back and wait for a buyer to walk through the door..

The truth is, since 2007 the market has changed considerably, and this method leads to boats sitting on listings stagnating, deteriorating and getting dirty, costing the owner money in additional maintenance and mooring charges..

What you need to do and how we can help you.

First of all the boat needs to be prepared for sale, and presented well. Anything broken needs to be fixed, the exterior needs to be polished, any stainless steel cleaned and the interior cleared of all unnecessary junk. In fact every nook and cranny needs to be checked for cleanliness. If there are other boats on the market where the owner has taken the time to present their boat in a clean, tidy and professional fashion, what chance will your boat have if it looks untidy and dirty? With any boat sale, the old adage that “the first impression counts” is what will make the difference between your boat selling or not.

Pricing your boat for sale.

The price that you advertise your boat for is also important. Just because your boat is your pride and joy, doesn’t mean it is unique. There may well be several, if not more boats, like your one also on the market. If they are for sale for less money, no matter how much you might feel your boat is worth, and if they are presented in a clean and tidy manner, why would any buyer chose yours if the price is higher? After a full inspection of your boat, the Boat Sales Spain professional brokers will provide you with a full market report on any similar boats on offer and provide advice on what level of price you should be offering your boat for sale at.

So if you have a boat for sale on the Costa del Sol or in Gibraltar, why not allow us to show you why we are managing to sell boats, when others are not.

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