Grunt Boat Cleaner

Grunt is a unique product that brings boat cleaning to a new level. The Product has been designed by marine fibreglass experts to tackle the build-up of grime, stains and rust that clings to Fibreglas/GRP hulls and above decks. The video below demonstrates just how easy it is to apply and how quickly you can turn a dirty boat into a showroom model.

What does it do?

Grunt boat cleaner is specifically designed to make cleaning those nasty stains from your boat an easy task, so easy in fact you wont believe it! Grunt boat cleaner penetrates into the pores of the gelcoat and using a chemical reaction gently neutralises and magically absorbs the staining without affecting the gelcoat in any way. The stain can then be simply washed off with a sponge and water.

To use Grunt Boat Cleaner simply apply to the stained area with a paint brush – wait 20 – 30 minutes or so, longer in colder weather, while Grunt does the hard work, magically neutralising and absorbing the stain and rinse off with a sponge and fresh water, it really is that simple!!! Whilst primarily designed for use on fibreglass boats Grunt boat cleaner is also works brilliantly on most two part marine paint systems and yacht enamels typically used on steel or timber boats. Yellow/Brown waterline stains, Exhaust stains, Soot and Algae stains, Bird lime, Limescale, Dull faded gelcoat? Are these the problems you are facing with your boat? No More – We have the Solution!.


Super Stainless Cleaner and Protector

'Super Stainless' stainless steel cleaner and protector removes nasty rust and corrosion staining from marine grade stainless steel, keeping your stainless looking super while increasing its useful lifespan. Super Stainless is a cleaning and passivating gel that cleans and protects stainless steel against further corrosion, rusting and staining.


Ease of Application

Both products are designed to be applied by using the basic tools and equipment found on board most boats removing the need for the boat owner to purchase expensive application tools to achieve outstanding results.



Both products are competitively priced and represent excellent value for money compared with similar products on the market. All Boat products are available in large 1000ml bottles. We also allow generous discounts for trade and distribution customers.

Low Cost of Entry

It is not necessary to purchase vast quantities of products. We would rather a customer purchased a small quantity “Starter Pack” to test the market and with us re-supplying small amounts of mixed products regularly. This removes the need for trade customers to carry large amounts of stock and should they find some of the products are not selling in their area, simply return the unused product in as new condition and we shall happily replace these with a more popular product or issue a refund.

Driving Local Business

All stockists contact details and locations are prominently displayed on our website in order to drive local sales to local stockists. We believe in supporting our local chandlers.


Both products are produced in accordance with ISO 9001 ensuring full quality control throughout.


Both products meet all current “Global Harmonisation System” regulations, (EC) No 1272/2008, regarding the labelling and packaging of chemicals worldwide.


Both products utilise special “child resistant caps”, ensuring small children cannot accidentally open a product accidently.


Both products are biodegradable and are designed to be environmentally friendly and meet or exceede the relevant European regulations, (EC) No. 648/2004, and contain no harsh oxalic, muratic or hydrochloric acids. All packaging is now recyclable. Doing what we can for the environment!

Technical Support

We provide full technical back up by phone or email to trade customers and end users.

Product Packaging

The packaging has been designed to be attractive, informative and uniform in appearance, resulting in high impact on retail shelves. This high impact initially attracts people to the products and helps to deliver in terms of sales and marketing. All labels are fully waterproof to ensure products are easily recognisable and instructions legible even when used with wet hands.

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