Bertram boats for sale in Spain

Boat Sales Spain are delighted to be able to offer Bertram boats for sale in Spain.

Bertram, the legendary Miami-based sport fishing yacht manufacturer, is internationally renowned for outstanding performance in big seas, and leading edge marine design innovations. Today's Bertram continues to draw on the combined experience of its heritage, and that of its parent company, the Ferretti group. Our unparalleled motivation and dedication to lead has ensured that today, as always, "second place is not an option."

The result is one of the world's most successful and respected marine enterprises. For well over forty-five years, Bertram Yachts have been built to exceed their owners' expectations by using only the finest marine components, materials and construction techniques. The result is owner loyalty that's second to none. In fact, most have owned more than one Bertram – because they earned their loyalty, model after model, year after year.

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Their range of boats include:

Bertram 360, Bertram 390, Bertram 410, Bertram 450, Bertram 510, Bertram 540, Bertram 570, Bertram 60, Bertram 630, Bertram 630E, Bertram 670, Bertram 670E, Bertram 700, Bertram 800

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