Astondoa boats for sale in Spain

Boat Sales Spain are delighted to be able to offer Astondoa boats for sale in Spain.

Astondoa Yachts benefit from a company philosophy of combined passion, experience, solidity, technology and design. A company founded in Spain in 1916, Astondoa owns three facilities that cater to the size of the yacht being produced. There are three ranges of the yachts: open range, middle overall, and big crafts. The facility at Viscaya is responsible for the 40-foot open sport model of Astondoa. In Almansa, yachts are created from 35 to 54 feet in length, while the Santa Pola location makes the larger lines of Astondoa yachts, from 57 to 122 feet in length. Quality control is of utmost importance during Astondoa yacht production and assembly at each of these facilities. Astondoa also pays much attention to the latest in both computer and process technology, ensuring effective and reliable yachts.

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